Cars, Corona and Confinement

The days of self-confinement have run together.  I am a homebody usually, so this new way of doing things at home is nothing new to me.  I enjoy writing in the comfort of the office couch with dogs scattered at my feet, for others this is a topsy turvy change to their routine that is hard to fathom.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, be sure that I’m thinking of you and appreciate your loyalty to JulesOnWheelz.  In this time, maybe you’ll get a chance to read some of my 100 blogs, both current and archived.  I like to look back on things that were going on, it helps me see what the future holds.  It somehow gives me perspective and maybe it will for you too.

Now for cars.  Little did I know just a few short weeks ago that my trip to the Chicago Auto Show would be my last for a while.  I think we all moved through our paces and didn’t think much about getting sick then, maybe just with the normal flu, not the Coronavirus.  This epidemic has halted so much that car talk seems almost insignificant.

We’re supposed to stay home and not travel, venturing into the yard to mow the grass or put in some flowers is about all that is deemed “safe”.  Cars though, have become our window to the world once again.

When I was a kid we had a tradition called the “Sunday Drive”.  We would get home from church and have a big meal that my mom had prepared and then maybe take a nap.  Upon awakening from said nap, we would hop in the car and take our Sunday drive.

Not being sure where we would end up, all of us came prepared with decent clothes, clean faces, and sturdy shoes.  Sometimes it was a stop at the park to swing on the swings or take a walk.  Relatives were not surprised when we would grace their front porch to sit awhile and drink some lemonade and solve the world’s problems.  Maybe it was just a ride around a new area to see what we could see.  Our car was a window to the world,  not just transportation from point A to B, but an adventure.

I heard the other day that people are finding pleasure in watching classic TV  and reminiscing about the old days.  I’m a big fan of classic TV and am one of those people.  Seeing how far we have come, somehow brings confidence that this difficult situation too, will pass.  Americans are strong, patriotic and tough.  Ingenuity abounds as even the auto industry is doing its part to contribute by altering their production lines to assist in this time of need.

While time seems to stand still and fear can rear its ugly head, remember that even in this time of trial, if possible, take that Sunday drive and see where it leads you.  Value those who are in the car with you and enjoy the time you now get to spend together.  The old days were good days and our good days will come again.

Stay healthy friends…I pray that you and yours are safe and sound.

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  1. Mrng,
    Enjoyed reading your blog.
    It’s sad that kids are missing out, what their(which is us) grandparents did growing up , which wasn’t carried on like our parents from their parents etc.
    It seems there’s not enough hrs in the day anymore & it’s just the 2 of us.
    I’ve often wondered how in the world did I manage lol
    I worked 8hrs a day M-F -8/9-5, w/3/4 kids & have everything done that night for in the mrng for by the time I was ready for bed. My kids had chores & responsibilities & always had to remind them lol
    I have 4 handsome sons &
    1 beautiful daughter!
    I now have 5 beautiful granddaughters ,
    4 handsome grandson’s &
    1 lil handsome great grandson!

    My youngest son would love your site , I’ll be sending it to him.
    Thank you,
    God Bless

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