2023 Best of SEMA – Tillrock Art

Ask any kid what's on their school supply list and usually it will include pencils. Colored pencils for maps, writing pencils (most are mechanical now) and maybe if they're in the teen years a styptic pencil might show up out of necessity, but isn’t usually on the list. Traditional pencils and pencil sharpeners have faded... Continue Reading →

Seeing SEMA

The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The hustle and bustle of something brewing is palpable. If it’s October and you’re in Las Vegas it’s got to be the SEMA Show! SEMA 2023 Vendors and exhibitors have been here for days. SEMA doesn’t happen on its own. A year’s planning and effort... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2023!

The New Year brings new beginnings for everyone. A fresh start greets us all at 12:01 am on January 1st. A fresh perspective, fresh ideas, and clean slate move us forward and give us chances to change. Make time for fun, family, service to others, hobbies, friends, travel, etc. The possibilities are endless. I pray... Continue Reading →

Wheelz In Maine – Part Two

No trip to Maine would be complete without a visit to Freeport. The great outdoors lures with kayaking, hiking and camping. Headquarters to the famous L. L. Bean clothing company since it's founding in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, we were greeted by it's most famous shoe-the duck boot. The icon converted into a vehicle... Continue Reading →

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