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The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The hustle and bustle of something brewing is palpable. If it’s October and you’re in Las Vegas it’s got to be the SEMA Show!

SEMA 2023

Vendors and exhibitors have been here for days. SEMA doesn’t happen on its own. A year’s planning and effort go into hosting a successful show and this 2023 post-Covid auto extravaganza is going to be epic.

I’m glad to be here after a five year hiatus in which I got ill, got cancer, got treated for cancer, and got well. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, much like the SEMA Show. A newfound appreciation for having my feet under me and the ability to walk the miles and miles I’m in for have come through that recovery process. Wear your most comfortable kicks if you’re headed out here.

Bigger than my pocket!

SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Market Association. The specialty automotive aftermarket accounts for more than the average driver realizes. It supports more than 1 million American jobs and provides $100 billion in wages and benefits according to the most recent SEMA press release.

The economic impact research study was commissioned by SEMA and its report is based on 2023 data from over 7,000 member businesses, primarily small, in the U.S. that sell aftermarket performance and accessory parts. This includes passenger cars, trucks and 4-wheel off-road vehicles.

Highlights from the John Dunham & Associates report:

-The industry supports more than 1.3 million American jobs

-Over $104 billion in wages and benefits to American workers

-$40 billion plus in tax revenue is contributed with $24 billion in federal and $16 billion in state and local that supports the development of infrastructure across the U.S.

-More than $336 billion is contributed annually to the American economy

These numbers are surprising to many but reflect the boom in business across the sector.

Tricked out VW

Another key fact brought out in the report is the fact that these small businesses employ more than twice the number of people as the U.S. aircraft industry and more than the entire motion picture and video production industry.

Now that’s an aftermarket add on!

Cruising the show will inspire pro and amateur alike to create. Celebrities like Mario Andretti and Chip Foose will make appearances.

I’m looking forward to hearing Tim Tebow on Thursday talking about leading a “Purpose Driven Life”.

Stopping by to gaze at extraordinary artwork from pencil specialist and colleague Ed Tillrock tops the charts as well.

Whatever your reason is for attending SEMA, you’re sure to love it.

It’s never the same and never disappoints.

The Sphere!

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  1. Thanks Jules! That is a destination. Great pics, A campground on your roof (!). Most of all, I am glad you and Dan are there. Tim Tebow, hope you see him, a standout. And Mario, geez, say hi ………. Al

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