Wheelz in Waco, Texas A Visit to Magnolia Market Part 1-The Pivovar

Storage. You’re either looking for it or wishing you had more. Pantries, frunks, sheds, garage cabinets and even whole bedrooms can be home to just about anything these days.

Recently, we took the Wheelz to Waco and found the ultimate storage container. The brainchild of Chip and Joanna Gaines, The Silos serve as anchors in an enclosed Disneyland of Texas called Magnolia Market where the dream child is able to explore safely near the local railroad tracks via an enclosed, gated property.

Originally established in 1910 by J. T. Davis, The Brazos Valley Cotton Oil, Inc. purchased cotton from many local growers who shipped it to the silos via rail, workers extracted the oil from the cotton seeds, and targeted it for culinary and industrial markets.

Over the years the plant went through changes in ownership and even sat vacant in the 1990s after having been used most recently as grain storage for JPM feeds. Owner Gary Murphy sold the historic property to the Gaines’ in 2014 and plans were approved by the City of Waco shortly thereafter to create the mecca now known as Magnolia Market. (click here to read more history)

We arrived in Waco after a blustery drive from Dallas early afternoon. I’m learning to be more spontaneous from my husband, so we arrived without a hotel reservation. Heading for Magnolia first thing, we noticed a beautiful 3 story brick hi-rise right across the tracks from it with the word “Pivovar” gracing the top floor. Having skipped lunch we saw there was a restaurant on the bottom floor and with stomachs rumbling we thought a stop was in order. With Dan doing recon, he discovered that it was a hotel as well and we decided to check it out.

When traveling I’m sure many of you go through these same decisions. Is this the best we can do for the price? Hotels.com, Travelocity, etc. sometimes provided needed information, but this establishment really needed a walk through to appreciate all it had to offer.

Discovering that “Pivovar” means brewery in several slavic languages, the property’s Czech roots shone through. It’s a one-of-a-kind gem. Their website gives all the details:

“A preferred, European destination without ever leaving Waco, Pivovar provides a luxury experience in an authentic and unique Czech environment from start to finish.   Our all-encompassing location offers a Brewery, Hotel, Spa, Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Biergarten, and Events Venue.  Expanding palates and cultural horizons through top-level hospitality and the raising of standards in service, we welcome you to Pivovar.” Pivovar.com 11/7/22

They had ME at bakery.

Waco’s Czech and German heritage started back in the late 19th century. Immigrants came embracing their culture and a new land. Building towns and services like fire stations, water, electric and telephone helped them make their mark. Generations later residents continue to live and develop the area and the Pivovar is one such example. If you’d like to know more about the area’s history click here.

Pivovar dining room and brewery

Quality European finishes greet you at each vignette at the Pivovar. Apartment style rooms were accessed by elevator and surrounded a center atrium looking down on copper brewery kettles. Looking up from the carved wood bar, high ceilings made for a spacious area to dine. Craftsmen from the Czech Republic were brought to the USA to hand carve elements of the hotel. Custom furniture as well was manufactured and shipped to the Pivovar to be assembled by said craftsmen.

Pivovar atrium and bar
Wood carving made by Czech craftsmen

Light bites, entrees and desserts graced the very large wood clad menus. Each were heavenly. Impeccable service and managers on site greeted customers with a flourish of friendly, Texas hospitality.

“Breakfast included” was an understatement at the Pivovar. Sausages, bacon, eggs, mimosas, bakery items, fresh coffee…need I say more.

Breakfast room at the Pivovar
Pivovar Waco, TX

Rich in history, click here to learn more about the Pivovar building’s transformation and each of the offerings you can enjoy (can you say BEER SPA?) On YOUR visit to Magnolia.

One last feature of the Pivovar was it’s party patio. Located behind the hotel, it’s enclosed patio has custom wood picnic tables, lounge chairs and an outdoor music venue entertains guests a few nights per week. We took advantage of a break in the late summer Texas heat to enjoy some music and a drink in the shadow of Magnolia just across the tracks. (No, the train was not a problem for sleeping and the short walking distance to the entrance of Magnolia is perfect.)

Husband Dan enjoying the Pivovar patio
Pivovar patio

The Pivovar is competitively priced in a very busy market and definitely deserves to be in the running when taking a trip to Magnolia Market. It’s a luxury accommodation with attention to detail, wonderful food, services, staff and location.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we start to explore all that is Magnolia Market.

P. S. Be sure to try a kolache at the bakery!

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