The All-New 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Is AWD!

I’ve driven my share of vans.  I’ve ridden in many as well.  I’ve written my fair share of stories about vans (click here to read one).

Bigger, stronger, faster, etc…it sounds like an episode of the “Bionic Man”.  Now we have a new tag to describe the 2021 darling of the minivan sector – all wheel drive (AWD).

Thanks to the geniuses at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, we can now do donuts on purpose with those vans in the winter instead of trying to avoid them.  Gone are the days of putting kitty litter in the trunk.  Get the kids strapped in with their “devices” and hit the road for that mid-winter volleyball tournament with confidence.

Seeing this anomaly revealed at the Chicago Auto Show this year, just a couple weeks ago, was surprising AND inspiring.  Think of all the possibilities!

All New Chrysler Pacifica

The showmanship sported by manufacturers is rarely disappointing during media days.  Using slight-of-van techniques, we were treated to a snow globe-like drama that included local children and their awe inspiring storm of the stage to encourage the globe to expand.  Click here to see the whole reveal on my YouTube channel.

“Stow ‘n Go” storage is preserved in the AWD Pacifica as well.  The feature, touted by proud Chrysler van owners in the past, it’s legacy continues.  Brave the Costco, this van can still handle it.

Automatic disconnect from AWD when unnecessary provides an efficient use of power across the board.  Its 97 standard safety features in the 2021 only underlines the focus of FCA in the segment.  When you carry a 30% plus share of the vans sold, the precious family cargo continues to be a priority.

All New Chrysler Pacifica

Trims continue in Touring, Touring L, and Limited, but add to that the new “living room on wheels” Pinnacle™ Edition (see above).  Need an extra leather throw pillow for that long trip, check, it has two. The integrated center console blends seamlessly into the 10.1 inch touchscreen powered by UConnect 5 and comes standard. Amazon’s Alexa is along for the ride as well.  Anything powered by Alexa at home or Alexa connected device can be controlled from the Pacifica.

Much to the chagrin of kids, the FamCAM™ interior camera gives front seat passengers views of rear-facing child seats and also the third row.

All New Chrysler Pacifica

You don’t have to be a “van person” to appreciate the Chrysler Pacifica.  This award winning people mover takes travel to a whole new level and everyone from singles to retirees can find a reason it could fit their needs.  Having a Hybrid drive-train option is alluring to many as well.

Be sure to check out Chrysler’s website for additional optional equipment, price and availability for both the 2020 and 2021 Pacifica models here.

Thank you FCA and The Chicago Auto Show for renewing my interest in the Pacifica with a great presentation!

The 2021 Pacifica will be built at the Windsor Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Units will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020 with orders being taken during the third quarter.

*The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Launch Edition will have AWD available which dealers can begin to order in the second quarter of 2020.  Delivery will be late second quarter of 2020.

*Photos courtesy of FCA media.

***FCA is now known as Stellantis.


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  1. This will be a welcome van to many. Its been a long time since the AWD Astro van. Thanks for the info!

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