Kickin’ It – U.S. Soccer and Volkswagen Become Teammates

I’m athletic.  I have dribbled a basketball, hit a softball, spiked a volleyball, and ridden a bike.  Yard darts, Bocce ball and badminton…I can even juggle!

Confining my athleticism to the Planet Fitness these days, I fondly remember the days of my youth and young adulthood with smiles and stories.  Sports kept me fit, happy and very, very tired…add to that “out of trouble” and I’ll credit athletics with my early successes in life.

I was all ears at the Chicago Auto Show this year as Volkswagen has teamed with U.S. Soccer.  The partnership was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) in January and will hopefully be a benefit to both.

Here is an interview from my Facebook page that VW’s Mark Gillies, Manager of Product Communications for Volkswagen of America,  gave with U.S. Soccer Men’s National Team Head Coach Gregg Berhalter at the Chicago Auto Show.


Displaying the VW logo on each and every training jersey worn by Senior National Teams, Youth National Teams and Extended National Teams reaches a demographic that Volkswagen is banking on.

VW’s outreach isn’t a one and done either, the multi-year presenting partnership gives U.S. Soccer a chance to weave itself into American culture through advertising opportunities amongst some very popular Volkswagen models that have soccer Moms and Dads thinking big, like the room-for-eight Atlas.

Funding means more training for coaches, players, referees and administrators across the sport and being able to count on that source for multiple years, brings stability.

“We are extremely excited to work together with Volkswagen to help us continue to grow soccer in the United States,” said U.S. Soccer CEO and Secretary General Dan Flynn. “Volkswagen will be one of the most active and visible partners U.S. Soccer has ever had, providing us with additional resources for more programs that can impact and help develop the sport, while also allowing us to reach more fans of the game across the country.  We look forward to the next four years together as we drive towards our mission of becoming the preeminent sport in the United States.”

2020 will bring Olympic qualifying and multiple tournaments and international mulit-team match-ups are scheduled to dot the landscape of U.S. Soccer’s future for both men and women.


So as you flock to your nearest soccer complex or your nearest VW dealer, think about how sports and autos have learned to cooperate for a mutual goal.

After all, the point of soccer is to score a goal right?

*I did not play soccer, but have heard it is common practice.


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