TAWA – God Bless Texas

Making friends, no matter what your age, can be tough. Whether you’re four in pre-school or 40 at a party, connections are mysterious. I found myself in that very situation this past week as I attended my first event since joining the ranks of the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA).

Flying into Texas has always been a challenge for some reason and this time wasn’t any different. Terrible storms in the Dallas area put my fly-in on hold most of the day. Deciding to go a day early not only saved money but provided a needed cushion due to Mother Nature’s negative nod.

Texas welcomed me with storm remnants enough to make waiting for the shuttle that never came miserable. Luckily my late night dilemma was solved by another company with a kind and caring driver willing to take the hour or so haul up to Denton.

Enthusiastic fellow guests in a vivacious marketing profession (whose identity shall remain nameless) fresh from their Mardi Gras-themed bash, greeted me at the hotel as I arrived. “Greeted” is an understatement. Their large, boisterous presence almost made me wonder why I had worked so hard to get there from DFW, but I tried to remain optimistic. Hoping they hadn’t given my room away due to the late hour, I confess I was eyeing the lobby chairs for comfort.

Gracious hotel hosts made my day as they slipped me my room cards and WiFi passcode. A sigh of relief may or may not have escaped my lips. God Bless Texas.

The night blurred into registration day. Breakfast at a group table of studious gents introduced me to most of the board by accident. Fate rules the day again. Everyone was gracious as I helped at check-in and finally recognized a few familiar names amongst manufacturer representatives.

Both of the next two days flew by as we tested 25+ cars. Some drove with partners others solo. I did combinations and met great people at every turn. My enthusiasm was matched by everyone else’s. Like minds and great fun ruled the days. Genuine ‘fun having’ was leading us into friendships and associations that I hope will last a lifetime. Once again, God Bless Texas.

You’ve won me over. You’ve drawn me in. You’ve made me feel as if I’m a part of the gang, just like the Little Rascals.

Thank you TAWA and God Bless Texas and you as fun is forged in the form of automotive journalism.

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