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Many writers write for others. They are given topics to research and create copy for one publication. It’s steady work if you can get it. These days it’s driven by online bylines and short attention span features.

While these writers are wonderful, oftentimes they are limited to what their editor tells them to write.

I’ve chosen to be a freelance journalist. I pick what I write and for whom. My favorite genre is automotive, but the possibilities are endless. Every person has a car story and I love discovering them.

Independence ties me to no one. I give honest reviews of new automobiles which is an advantage to manufacturers. My impressions are true and to the point. I find angles others might not.  I think about my readers with every word I weave.

My creativity flows from a place I can’t identify, but draw upon it for every piece. Inspiration can come from moments or lifetimes. Pondering and wandering can stir up a story in no time.

One such freelance partnership I’ve enjoyed is writing automotive content for Partake In Paducah. has risen from an original idea of getting to know your community after a move to almost 14,000 followers on FB and increasing every day.  “Partake” means something different to everyone so I always ask what it means to each person at the end of the interview.

The Partake in Paducah page can be found on Facebook and also as a link on the West Kentucky Star homepage managed by Bristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.  Regionally, Bristol’s interests expand to radio stations like,, and serving thousands in the area.

Check out my latest story about Corey and Courtney Smith, owners of Prim and Proper Events. Their extension, The Tin Lens, gives couples a great creative addition to their wedding festivities that includes one cool VW van as well as hiring out for parties, retirements, events, etc.

Like I always say, it’s about the people…here’s another story proving it!

Click the link below to read my story about The Tin Lens.

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