Wrath Is Spelled 12.10.21 Part Two

Mayfield, KY

Six months last Tuesday.

Six minutes to some…

Six years to others…

The calendar says six months since the 12.10.21 “monster” ripped through so many lives in Kentucky’s 200 mile track.

They say time heals all wounds, but the physical scar on the land is visible from space. As spring brings flowers and blooms the barren landscape carves its brown path amidst the green over western Kentucky. No more trees. No more homes. No more tire swings.

Though it will never be the same, a new normal is forming.

Families are rebuilding. Fresh lumber perfumes the air in Mayfield, Dawson Springs and Bowling Green. The whir of saws cut a new path towards a home that was lost and now found anew. Hammers fall like rain onto shingles being tacked. Bulldozers roam where debris was removed to make way for a foundation, a new life.

God is here, ask anyone who felt the loss just six months ago. He isn’t going anywhere and neither are the people of Kentucky.

This is the Commonwealth.

This is home.

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