Wheelz in Savannah, GA

Ahhh Savannah, charm of the south.

Letting Savannah settle on your soul takes a little time. Our week long treck through its squares and marshes was just what the doctor ordered.

Last year at this time I was in the midst of a fight for my life. Midway through chemo, strolling anywhere would have been a challenge as I saw the world through my wheelchair bound eyes. I dreamt of a time such as this and keeping my eye on that prize was a lifesaving buoy during a very trying time of treatment.

Feet back under me, taking the river walk by storm was first on the agenda. Listening to whistles from the paddle boats and music worthy of a jig at the numerous restaurants and bars bordered it’s brick lined streets.

Georgia Queen in Savannah, GA
Savannah’s Riverwalk

Moss hangs like an old man’s beard from the trees all around Savannah. Related to the pineapple, it may look like a fluffy pillow but contains a few pests you wouldn’t want to bring home, like ticks!

Quaint squares dot the landscape. Each has its own historical origins from war to peace time. Myths overshadow many with untold mysteries. Luckily plenty of churches border said squares.

200 year old Savannah Theater

Local theaters and horse drawn carriages give visitors ample opportunity to entertain themselves in downtown Savannah.

John Wesley statue in Savannah, GA

If love is on your mind, take the steps up a level from the riverwalk and cross the lovelocks bridge. Popular in many parts of the world, scribe you and your honey’s initials on a lock and click it closed with all the other love birds on the bridge near the cotton exchange.

Stairs leading up to street level from the riverwalk in Savannah, GA
Lovelock bridge in Savannah, GA
Cotton Exchange

Savanna’s ode to spring brings a refreshing change for winter laden souls looking for a flash of azalea color and a warm breeze.

It’s that time…

On to the sea islands…toodle loo for now.

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