The Comeback: Car Shows and Cancer Recovery

The days are a little bit sweeter, the nights a bit calmer and the overall feeling of hope returning provides a comfort like no other.

This sentiment can be said for the return of the Chicago Auto Show AND my recovery from Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Just over a month ago I returned to Chicago for the long anticipated opening of the Chicago Auto Show. If you caught my last blog post you read about my need to complete one of my goals as I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments the past few months. My attendance at the Show was one of those goals. I had to be realistic both with my lack of stamina and the Auto Show’s challenges due to COVID restrictions. We both had our hands full trying to have a worthwhile experience.

Subaru’s Wilderness Edition
Jeep’s 3-row Grand Cherokee

Dotting the smallish landscape of the west concourse this time, manufacturers struggled to slip into limited booth space and prepare for crowds down to the last minute. Carpet was being laid and lighting installed overhead as we strolled on our abbreviated media influencer peek. Rushed and exhausted, my best recommendation would be to head to the manufacturer’s websites for current info on 2021 & 2022 models.

The two that caught my eye as I breezed by were the all new Jeep Wagoneer and the Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition pictured above. Jeep is expanding their passenger numbers in both the Grand Cherokee’s third row and the full size competition to Ford’s Expedition, Grand Wagoneer.

Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer
Jeep Grand Wagoneer interior

Kia is strolling into the EV market with the EV6. Strong design lines and efficiency scream “buy me” in a very competitive segment of the auto industry.

Chiming into the EV market and making a big splash is Ford’s take on the F-150 called the “Lightning”. Orders are stacking up for the bombshell and anxious would-be owners can’t wait for the “chip issue” to be resolved so they can sport around in their all electric truck. Plants have been closed due to COVID and a fire at another have cut production of the chips needed to outfit many autos. A new production plant in Germany funded by Bosch is just now coming online to help with the shortage but with chip construction taking up to six months, it hopes first quarter 2022 will be soon enough.

Ford F-150 Lightning
Where’s the engine! Ha ha!
Solid redline brake lights define the Lightning tailgate

Last but not least on my list of notables at the Chicago Auto Show was the Toyota Sienna Hybrid van. Great styling and the striking green caught my eye in a flash. Competing with the Pacifica Hybrid, this Sienna gives class members another choice to sport around with soccer gear and/or family excursions. It’s roomy interior and comfortable step in lures everyone from soccer Moms to Grandparents looking for a one stop shop to get them where they’re going with efficiency built in.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid
Toyota Sienna Hybrid interior
Second and third row of the Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The Chicago Auto Show tried their best to put a good foot forward in July as the first to return to a public presence. Firsts can be tough, just ask me on my first trip post chemo and during radiation. We both gave all we could and made it through. Hopefully next year we will both be back to full strength.

Thank you to my husband Dan for being my travel partner and my friend Danielle for being my tour buddy around the show floor. This would not have been possible without either of you.

We are on the comeback trail…no matter how rocky it might be.

Put on your boots y’all…we’re not stopping now.

Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin!

Treatment complete! Goodbye cancer!

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  1. Thanks for the reporting! You are a welcome sight out there. Giant Jeep, makes sense. Always liked Subies, still got one, the new one is awesome. But a truck with a frump, there it is. Thanks for showing it to us. Hello to your team, like those people! Thanks, Al

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