2020 Dodge Durango – Versatility At Its Finest

When Dodge rolled out its first Durango in 1998, little did we know what it would become.  Using the Dakota truck platform made for a truck-like SUV that could haul both people and cargo.

Fast forward to the 2020 Dodge Durango and you have one of the most popular SUVs on the market.  Making its way in a crowded field, it has become known as the racing SUV as it boasts a National Hot Rod Association certification of 12.9 seconds in a quarter-mile and 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. When equipped with its 392 cubic-inch HEMI® V-8, the 475 horsepower is easily drawn upon.  Add a tow capacity of 8,700 pounds and you’ve got a workhorse both on and off the track.

2020 Dodge Durango 392 Hemi badge

2020 Dodge Durango rear

I was fortunate to take the above 2020 Dodge Durango SRT for a spin at the Texas Auto Writers Association Truck Rodeo and it lived up to all the hype.

The Durango has classic lines.  The SRT model has a hood with center air inlet duct making part of the racecar-like appeal.  The lower front fascia and LED fog lamps round out the tough-guy appearance that both soccer Moms and racing Dads have grown to love.

One thing I love about the Dodge Durango is that exhaust note.  The Active Dampening and an SRT exhaust system are tuned to make heads turn at every corner and passing lane.

Creature comforts are not forgotten in the 2020 Durango.  Sport seating with leather and suede touches make for luxurious comfort and class.  Controls are at the ready with clear displays on the dash as well as the console, where the customization can begin.

2020 Dodge Durango dash

Depending on drive mode choice, status reports of transmission, paddle shifters, stability control, All-Wheel Drive, suspension and steering are displayed.  One can customize these features as well in the “customize” mode.  Visuals are pleasing and give the feeling of control to whatever driver chooses to take the hot seat.  (see above)

My time with the SRT was a highlight.  Such a responsive vehicle with room for all kinds of adventures, family or otherwise.

MSRP for the 2020 Dodge Durango SRT is $62,995 and mine rounded out at $73,060 so fun comes at a premium.

Also available is the standard 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine pushing out a competitive 293 horsepower and 260 lb-ft. of torque if the HEMI® is a bit rich for your blood.  It still hauls a respectable 6,200 pounds as well.

The $30,495 starting price for the base Durango might be more to your liking.  Customize it with what you need and maybe a little of what you want.  Jump to the R/T and you’re looking at $43,995.  The $2,600 upgrade to AWD will probably be first on your list of add-ons.

Five models are available:  SXT, GT, Citadel, R/T and SRT.

Dodge chooses to make performance a priority in their SUVs, setting them apart from others in their class.

Driving the 2020 Durango SRT also made for good conversation with friends…Dodge product specialist Paul Tyll and fellow TAWA member Tim Esterdahl of Pick Up Truck + SUV Talk.  Photo taken by FCA South Region Communications Kimberly Shults.

2020 Dodge Durango and friends

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