RIP Jessi – We Need More Like You

“Reach for the stars” is an often used phrase to encourage young people to pursue, with fervor, their heart’s desire.  Usually this phrase passes from the lips of a parent, coach, mentor or friend that knows them well and sees potential in said “young person” and believes in their future success.

On the tragic death of Jessi Combs, considered the “fastest woman on four-wheels”, I think Jessi was one of those people who “reached for the stars”.  She arrived at the “fastest” pinnacle via a failed snowboarding career that landed her in Laramie, Wyoming at WyoTech where she graduated at the top of her class earning a degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication.

Her creative juices flowed.  A six month build with fellow student Ben Bright, led the pair to enter it at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.  The car was a hit and was auctioned for charity.  Her place was set at the table for a long, productive career in autos.  Being a girl who loves cars isn’t always easy, but Jessi never went after what was easy.

Her talents were noticed by Chip Foose back in the WyoTech days and she appeared in Season One as a fabricator on the soon-to-be hit show “Overhaulin”.  She made an impact on everyone she met.  Chip Tweeted yesterday, “So sad to hear of Jessi’s passing, I will miss her and so will our industry.  She attacked her projects with a smile and 110% passion”.

Stints on shows like “All Girls Garage” and “Mythbusters” put the beautiful blonde into the limelight, never to leave, save the tragedy that occurred yesterday as she tried to break her own record.  She even created her own line of clothing for female welders in cooperation with Lincoln Electric.  Click here to view their promo video.

Whether off-road, on the track, or over a dry desert lake bed, Jessi Combs will be remembered for her tenacity, determination and love of life.

May we see every day as an opportunity, like Jessi did.

Godspeed Jessi, we’ll go on with your joy in our hearts.


*YouTube tribute video to the life of Jessi Combs – click here.


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