Bridges of Life

Any good road trip should include a few bridges. Crossing over is an experience we are all familiar with be it by bridge or decisions we make. Once on the path there is nowhere to go but through and hope that the other side is as wonderful as we thought it would be.

At the start, we admire the architecture and imagine those who designed and built it. Was it created for form or function. The reasoning behind it makes a difference. The purpose drives the action. We are anxious to engage it, and cautious as we enter.

Clear blue skies turn into a giant puzzle amidst the girders and rivets. Each section framing part of the whole much like the influences that shape choices. Sound advice becomes like a well worn beam flashing overhead like a strobe light as we travel through.

Sometimes those stances of steel can feel like prison bars when the decisions are ones to avoid a “worst case scenario”. Instead of framing beauty they stifle us into apathy and denial. Feeling closed in is never fun.

However the distance through, or difficulty faced one thing is always true. Most road trips include someone calling “shotgun” and if you’re lucky they bring snacks. Distraction turns into memories made and the miles vanish before your eyes.

Before you know it, the subtle rhythm of the shadows above near their end and the finish line approaches.


It’s over in a blink and the bridge is a distant memory replaced by anxious chatter of the next one to be crossed.

In life, as with bridges, we see in transitions possible obstacles to the goals we have set for ourselves. Unknown territory. The angsty teen with a fresh diploma in hand. Newlyweds off on their honeymoon.

Just remember, like bridges are multifaceted with steel, concrete and suspension cords, if we’re lucky, we come with a treasure trove of support as well. We make whatever transitions life throws at us as easy as crossing a bridge on a bright summer day.

The river may rage below us, but we are safe as we glide onto the next highway and byway of life.

Good luck on YOUR next road trip.

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