Minivans on the Marquee – Chrysler Changed the Way We Haul Humans

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  Chances are strong that a minivan has moved you too.  We were children jumping into the 80s Woodie or maybe even driving it ourselves.  A little more room for the kids and their stuff.  A business skin made it a store-on-wheels.  The grand-kids returned so we became the human hauler for the second time around.

Chrysler/Dodge had us covered as the flagship creator. Many other manufacturers have joined the minivan craze over the years, but none can replace Lee Iacocca’s dream.


More than 14.6 million of us have purchased a minivan since its inception in 1984 courtesy of the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager (title photo) and we’ve been loving them ever since.  35 years and twice the number of minivans have been acquired from FCA US than any other manufacturer.

Luxury was introduced by Chrysler through the Town & Country in 1989.  Yes, a van can be luxurious, just look at the stunning Pacifica above!  I’ve  owned a Town & Country and a Dodge Caravan to boot and enjoyed both of them.  Reviewing the Pacifica Hybrid was a pleasure.  Click here to read my review.

Giving up a Mustang GT to haul tiny humans via van wasn’t easy for me,  I’m shedding a tear right now just thinking about it.  But, it’s not a “necessary evil” anymore, they’re just what Americans have been  looking for.

The “never van-ers” are realizing that the safety features, luxury and the sheer human-hauling capacity outweighs any reservations they might have regarding the stereotypical minivan.  We just cut soccer Moms a break.

Chrysler’s 55 percent market-share of van sales in 2018 puts them in a dominant position with only the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna as true competitors.  Six generations of minivans and the market has favored the flagship brand.


With all of this adulation for the ever adored human hauler, why not introduce a 35th Anniversary Edition Pacifica minivan at The Chicago Auto Show.  Click here to see my Facebook Live of the event.

More than 100 awards and almost 40 new minivan-first features flatter today’s Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid.  Their gas and hybrid powertrains take their passengers to the same tried and true places like soccer games and the grocery store, but add in the guys golf trip and ladies luncheons to this luxury version.

Looking at the 35th Anniversary Edition at the Chicago Auto Show seen here, the gloss black insert on the front fascia and grille highlight your arrival and also accentuate your departure courtesy of the rear liftgate.  The Touring L (gas/hybrid) the Touring L Plus and Limited (gas/hybrid) sport a Liquid Chrome Chrysler Wing badge and 35th Anniversary badge.  A luxury Nappa and McKinley all black leather interior with Cranberry Wine accent stitching leave a memorable calling card.  Add to that other interior upgrades and 35th Anniversary logos on the floor mats and even the most distinguishing fifth grader will go WOW!

The Dodge Grand Caravan is no little sister.  The best-selling minivan of all time is a value in the 35th Anniversary package department on the SX and SXT models.  Similar interior and badging plus 17″ wheels outfit this caravan in duds fit for a queen.

35th Anniversary Editions can be ordered this spring for a summer delivery just in time for all those road trips.

Years come and go and time passes more quickly than any of us ever anticipate.  Kids become Moms and Dads.  Moms and Dads become grandparents.  One thing is for sure, they’ve all crossed the path of a minivan sometime, somewhere in the last 35 years.

Maybe it’s time to remember the good ole’ days with a 35th Anniversary Edition and make some new memories.



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