“No car/truck” is not really an option for most people.  Unless you live in a big city where public transportation takes you everywhere you need to be or a very small town with an active “Main Street” a car has become a necessity in America.  Whether you choose car or truck, the automobile has become ubiquitous.

My travels at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show took me everywhere I wanted to be, just like VISA®.  Press conferences were heavily attended on media days and as I drifted towards the MOPAR breakfast my interest grew.

I attended the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this past fall and the after-market deluge washed over me like a tsunami.  Be sure to check out my previous posts about the Show and you might see what I mean:

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I waited in anticipation as MOPAR and FCA representatives huddled one last time.

Uncovered and used as bait, the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator glistened in the bright lights of the moment as another MOPAR-esque champion stood just steps away under wraps.  The Gladiator, with over 200 after-market MOPAR parts available, flaunted bed-rails, bike carriers, a pickup bed storage system, lift-kits, lights, and open-air doors.



Jeep is banking on the Gladiator following the lead of its “most accessorized” cousin from the recent past, the Wrangler (who garnered 2019’s MotorTrend SUV of the Year), as the two prepare for the toughest of adventures alongside each other.  MOPAR will go along for the ride.

MOPAR’s backdrop was littered with high interest add-ons.  Rims galore caught my eye and thoughts of how I might customize a ride flowed freely.  A marketing success…from a willing participant I might add.


Ever lurking undercover, FCA’s RAM Heavy Duty was the other guinea pig for a big transformation at MOPAR.  Riding its own coat-tails from its premiere at the  North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI in January 2019, the blue bombshell stood out as soon as it escaped the concealing cover.

Click here for my Facebook live video of the unveiling.


Jim Morrison, Head of Ram Brand for FCA North America, alluded to the MOPAR personality that was added to the Ram Heavy Duty. A Cummins Turbo diesel 6.7-liter cranks out 400 horses with a whopping 1000 lb-ft. of torque on this monster with the lesser 6.7-liter making 370 hp and 850 lb-ft.  A 6.4-liter Hemi drives the base model to 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque.  Add to that options for a luxury interior and technology package that’s second to none, and hauling horse trailers and fifth-wheels just got fun.

Trailer-tow technology including a 360º overhead camera, backup camera, and active grid lines assist drivers via the 12″ navigation screen.  A MOPAR camera option can be mounted to the trailer to give complete rear visibility to the driver.  Forward collision safety sensors and adaptive breaking and cruise control round out the complete package know as the Ram Heavy Duty.

This “no compromise” truck is a great foundation for any and all MOPAR parts and accessories that one chooses to enhance its look and performance.


Whether you’re choosing a car or truck and MOPAR or not, the Chicago Auto Show and FCA brought options to life during a few days in February.

BTW MOPAR, you had me at ” 35″ rims”.

To see the Ram Heavy Duty reveal from the North American International Auto Show click here.

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