There’s No Crying at The COBO

Say goodbye to January at The COBO NAIAS.

Designed by Gino Rossetti and named after Detroit’s mayor from 1950-1957 Albert Cobo, Cobo Hall, now The COBO Center, was finished in 1960 and became home of the Detroit Auto Show in 1965.  Expansions to the hall and the show came in the 80s.


A January anchor, the North American International Auto Show brings thousands from all over the world to report the latest automotive news.  Scheduled months in advance, journalists and attendees carve out their car-lovin’ days in January each year…until now.


Family vacations, golf games, and summer camp will have to be re-scheduled starting next June.  Yes, there will be crying, just not from The COBO.

Any change of this magnitude comes with its share of challenges, but Claude Molinari and his team have it readily in hand and see that change is good.  As GM of The COBO center, Molinari is collaborating to give the NAIAS what they need to re-invent the summertime show as a $279 million dollar renovation takes hold of the lakeside venue.  Multiple outdoor venues will dot the landscape surrounding The COBO as well.


While NAIAS will always be a major show and stream of revenue for The COBO, it has made a strong showing and other businesses are recognizing the revitalization of Detroit, and therefore, as a city, it has contributed to more vendors bringing their events to town.


Whether attending a show in January or June, the Detroit vibe will draw you in.  Drawing from a deep-seeded car culture, this location will always be an automobile mecca to snow bunnies and beach lovers alike.

Trade in that parka for a swimsuit, you’ll need it next June.

That gives you a whole year to work on fitting into it.

Kudos to you COBO Center, the sun never sets on progress, and you’re always up for a challenge.


Photos courtesy of The Cobo Center.

NAIAS runs now through January 27, 2019.  Click here to get tickets to the show.



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