FORD Fascinates @ SEMA 2018

Ahhhh…that familiar perfume in the air wafting toward nostrils at attention for the bouquet of smoke emitted from tires at spin…ahhhh drifting.

Ford Motor Company left the public spellbound in Las Vegas with more than 50 vehicles at The SEMA Show.

Between the outdoor venue “Ford Out Front” and enormous indoor presence via their booth, an overdose of fun was on tap for all to drink.  Click here for a taste…


Ford customers with an appetite for adventure have a new relationship to explore via the 2019 All-New Ford Ranger, as seen above.  Yakima outdoor adventure products will be available at Ford dealerships to outfit new Rangers and will extend to the F-150 and Explorer in 2019.

The Yakima partnership hopes to make it convenient for consumers to purchase the necessary adventure products and have them installed right at the dealership.  The cost of accessories can be rolled into financing packages.  Yakima parts have a 3-year 36,000 mile warranty.  Even extended warranties can be purchased.

Boosting purchasing in the aftermarket sector was and always will be the focus of SEMA. The 45 billion dollar market, according to SEMA’s study, notes that fifty percent of aftermarket personalization items are purchased from suppliers so offering the convenience of purchase, install, and warranty with Ford makes sense to increase dealership success.

Look at what Ford brought to the table at this year’s show!

(*The F-150 was chosen as the SEMA Truck of the Year.)

Ford Badass
Ford F150 chassis
F-150 exposed chassis info card
Ford chassis full
Easy to see why the F-150 is America’s best selling truck
Ford engine
F-150 EcoBoost engine exposed with badging
Ford F150 with kayak
F-150 ready for adventure
Ford Explorer kayak
Ford Explorer complete with Yakima kayak rack
Ford Ecosport side
Ford EcoSport

Trucks and SUVs weren’t the only cast of characters that Ford brought to the show.

Enter our all-time favorite Mustang.  Standing proud in its classic as well as modern stance in a variety of options and colors, crowds were drawn to their power.

(*The Mustang was chosen as the SEMA Car of the Year.)


Ford representatives captured the crowd’s attention with trivia questions about the Bullitt, for example, and of course yours truly won a coveted all-access wristband to the “Ford Out Front” elevated observation tower. Click here for another sip…


Drivers like Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Chelsea Denofa of RTR Motorsports maneuvered Mustangs all over the track sending smoke curls into the air.  Average Joes could sign up to be passengers in a private ride of their own.  The Hoonigan factor was felt.

Ford GT 2
Kurt Busch’s Ford GT #41

As pictured in the lead photo of this post, both Kurt Busch and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. brought their Ford GTs to SEMA.

Click here for more info about Kurt Busch’s Ford GT driven at this year’s Gold Rush Rally.

Click here for more info about Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s GT in this video from Ford Performance. (There are two parts…click on YouTube sidebar for part two)

Drifting through Ford both inside and out made for an unforgettable SEMA 2018 experience.

The smell of THAT perfume will be with me for awhile…

*Note:  Not pictured, but the Ford Focus won the SEMA Sport Compact of the Year.

**Note:  Wins in three of five categories for Ford…you do the math!

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