October Brings out the German in All of Us

“Jeder ist ein bisschen Deutsch im Oktober”; translation – Everyone is a little German in October.

Sausages, beer, and merry-making are all things we Americans think of during this time of year.  A good Octoberfest celebration can be had just about anywhere in the country.  German or not, it’s a reason to celebrate.

Herr Hartman was my segue into German culture.  Being of German descent myself, I embraced taking a foreign language and why not learn my native tongue.  Happy days were spent studying how to conjugate verbs and memorize what nouns were considered feminine or masculine from a legend of teaching prowess at Abbott Jr. High.  Conference room B was just off the library and out of ear-shot from our librarian Mrs. Duffy so our “studying” could be fun. My three friends, and fellow basketball players, made the most of our lunchtime there in that room many days on a pass written by Bernie Hartman.

We ate our share of sauerkraut and sausages in the Schrieber home.  (Schrieber means “writer” in German so I’m apparently fulfilling my destiny here on this blog…)  My Dad drove a Volkswagen.  All were tell-tale signs.

Well, Germany has been manufacturing more than just good beer over the past hundred years or so, “mein guter Freund”, my good friend. Performance reigns supreme for brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes Benz just to name a few.  The form and function of these brands make cruising the autobahn a thrill.  Americans recognize “German engineering” as high quality, thoughtful manufacturing and buy them in droves.  We shall see if that continues in the future as talk of tariffs on imports continue.

Volkswagen and BMW have gone so far as to bring manufacturing to the USA.  Located in Greer, South Carolina, the Spartanburg Assembly Plant feeds the American need for SUVs by producing the X4, X5, X6 and X7 Crossovers for BMW.

Volkswagen is producing the Passat and all new Atlas SUV in Chattanooga, TN.  Check out my previous post about VW and its feeder program through Hamilton County School District that is providing direct entry into the workforce at VW Chattanooga.

Motoring my way through Paducah this weekend I was happy to test my mettle at our local Oktoberfest gig at Kirchhoff’s Bakery and Deli via the Maiden Alley Cinema.

Mug Charming blue tablecloths and beer tents littered the alley and provided a cozy camaraderie with fellow foodies.  Local brewmasters from Paducah Beer Werks and Dry Ground Brewing Company made merry with their finest German libations.  Life would not be complete without some “OOMPAH” bands and the local mandolin strummer joining to jam with the grey-haired brass section.  All present were thrilled to see and hear the sounds of the season and happily partake of the Bavarian feast just inside Kirchhoff’s.  Yes there were sausages…and more sausages…

As I hoisted my mug in agreement and the bands took turns onstage, discussion was made of the location of the impromptu German Car Fest.  Great!  Another “fest” and this one had my name all over it.

Though small in numbers, owners proudly parked their Herrs (Mr.) and Fraus (Mrs.), next to them in front of the beautiful Paducah Flood Wall Murals to chat German engineering with other locals.

Stunning in the sunshine…magnificent framed in brick…the kind of event enjoyed by all and you don’t have to be 21!





Today’s gathering of German autos, while impromptu, is only a smattering of the love that owners have for their cars, no matter where they’re manufactured.

Our link to autos is strong and they’re moving more than just people, they’re making moves into a future that is filled with hopes and dreams of what might be…

Auto mural river wall

Apparently this has been the idea for a while now.

Happy Oktoberfest everyone!  Tschüss!

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