Fall Arrived Today

Thumbnail moon, tell me the story of fall. What colors will you bring to the leafy wilderness? How many marshmallows will I toast to perfection? Who will I snuggle with at the bonfire?  The anticipation for all that fall brings began today.

The 80s made their departure. Here to stay…the fabulous 60s and windows open for sleeping. Crickets chirp and trains croon to pepper the night air with sounds of a lullaby.

Another rite of passage as summer surrenders to fall is the drive-in.  Cozying up with your honey at the show will have to be on the couch now as the cold weather makes watching outdoor movies more like huddling in an ice fishing shanty.

Kids, pups and cars

Pajama clad kids and pups alike descended for one last outdoor adventure at the Calvert DRIVE-IN Theatre that served as a cruise-in as well for Paducah’s pre-Ratoberfest event.

Old school vibes and sound filled the air as various cars, hot rods, and classics checkered the venue.  Stereo sound from ancient boxes was clear and ready to hang on the side of cars in attendance.  Old met new…especially with this Mustang below.  Click here to see and hear it!

As I walked the aisles littered with blanketed visitors enjoying the last few moments of sunset, I was struck by how idyllic this setting was.  In a world seemingly filled with angst and uproar, this little corner of the world has preserved the love of simple pleasures.  It was a good night to be a Kentuckian.  There are lots of those nights around these parts.

A little girl raced past me to show her father this miniature beauty, a Crosley!  We were both surprised to see this gem and she was convinced it was just her size.  In her enthusiasm I saw a tiny Jules who would have done the same thing a lifetime ago.

Seeing kids excited about cars just warms my heart and on the first chilly night of fall I surely needed it!

Lead Sleds, trucks, Mopar, Corvettes and just about everything else was on display. Click here for a Chevy walk around to remember…

Twin Trucks

Mopar x 2


I think I want to go back to elementary school if this is going to be my DARE officer’s ride!

DARE Corvette

Some parked in groups and others made an eclectic bundle of metal challenging gawkers to see their connection.  Burger bearing fans fresh from the concession stand couldn’t stay away.  I think the color black and friendship were the ties with this trio.

Fall and its follies stir memories.  Whether those come from nights at the drive-in or time spent with family, tonight was a greeting from fall that was welcomed.

just like the old days

Hello fall, hope you can stay awhile…old man winter will show up soon enough.

NEWSFLASH!  He may NOT get quite the same welcome…


More coverage of Ratoberfest coming soon on Partake in Paducah via West Kentucky Star News

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