Grace. Honor. Mustangs.


If you’ve ever driven a truly remarkable automobile you can understand the meaning of this post.

Whether it was your first car, last car, or any one in-between we don’t usually think of inanimate objects as being honorable or graceful.  These words are usually used to describe humans or the acts they perform, i.e. respect for elders or a good waltz.

In this case, the object and what the human does with it breaks the mold of our closed-minded thinking about objects and brings about a revolution to a generation from a bygone era. Their treasure is now ours as well.

Blend the past with the present and you’ve described the Kiernan family to a tee.

We all know “THE” car by now, the 1968 Bullitt Mustang made famous by actor Steve McQueen in the film of the same name.  That is the past.  Fast-forward fifty years and you have that piece of history re-introduced to a new generation through Sean, Sam and Robbie Kiernan, honorably and gracefully.

Jules and Sean Kiernan

“It’s all about honoring my Dad”, says a tearful Sean in every interview since he revealed his Dad’s 68′.

Appropriately, he was presented with the keys to the #2 Bullitt off the Assembly line at Flat Rock. Honored to receive it, he gracefully thanked Ford for treating he and his family “like family”.

All through the discovery, verification, and dramatic reveal of the Bullitt this winter in Detroit at NAIAS and it’s world tour including the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England in July, the Kiernans and the car have been handled with care.

Sean Kiernan gifted Bullitt #2

Sean Kiernan shock and awe

If I had to caption the photo above it would be “are you kidding me?”.  He was so surprised that he and Sam, his wife, had no idea about the ensuing gift as he gave an interview about his 1968 Bullitt Mustang to Ford executives at this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise.  See his reaction via video on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Sam and Sean Kiernan with Bullitt #2

2019 Kiernan Bullitt

Ford’s desire to give back to the community came gracefully this past weekend by honoring not only Sean Kiernan with his #2 Bullitt, but also donating the #1 Bullitt to charity.

JDRF Bullitt covered

JDRF Bullitt

JDRF Custom 2019 Bullitt

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was the recipient of the first 2019 Bullitt out of production looking tantalizing in Kona blue introduced by Jiyan Cadiz, Ford’s North American Car Communications and Media Relations Manager.

With interior stitching to match, this stunning Kona Blue Bullitt will be gifted at a drawing on November 13, 2018 at the Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, MI to a lucky ticket holder.  Tickets can be purchased through November 8th through by clicking here.

I’ve purchased my entries and hope to report here that I have new “wheelz” as of November 13!

I was able to get close enough to “sniff” the 1968 Bullitt and treasure it.

It smelled just as sweet as I thought, full of grace and honor.

Thanks for being the bridge that brings generations together Sean.

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