Making Music With the Audi TT

Audi strikes a chord with fun-loving consumers via its symphony of speed in the Audi TT.

The four-ring symbol for Audi AG is an aria in itself that represents the 1932 merge of four manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer.  From the Type K to the TT the decades-old German manufacturer has been a leader in innovative ideas from left-hand drive to turbo-charged.

One such feature is the quattro® four-wheel drive system. Developed over thirty years ago for the racing branch of Audi, the quattro® has withstood the test of time and brings crisp handling and smooth performance to all Audi models.  Even sunny weather is a treat when the all-wheel-drive system is constantly updating.  Drive-selectable controls give an even more personalized experience.

Audi TT RS

Photo by Jules Stayton

The TT oozes racing as one takes the controls.  Firmly bolstered sport seats anchor and allow full performance driving for the conductor of this concert.  The focus is the road and what’s ahead.  What better place to be…

Speed courtesy of a four-cylinder TFSI®  (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection) turbocharged 2.0 liter engine producing 220 horsepower with 258 lb-ft of torque drives the Audi TT.  Click the link above to see it in action via YouTube video. Developed in 2001, see the evolution of the TFSI® in this video from Audi.

A lean 26 mpg is music to the ears of potential drivers.  Whether around town or on the racetrack Audi brings a product worth consideration.

The base TT records a $43,950 price tag that includes an automatic transmission, LED tail lights, dual exhaust, adaptive rear spoiler and 18″ wheels.  Twelve-way adjustable seats with a three-spoke flat bottom sport-steering wheel and paddle shifters rounds out the cockpit.

Other trim levels include the TTS coupe $52,950, TT RS Coupe $64,900, and the TT Roadster $47,450. Add a $975 destination fee to each.

The RS Coupe is the most powerful TT with an all new five-cylinder engine producing 400 horsepower.  Joining Audi’s Sport model line, the 2.5-liter TFSI® delivers. 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph make it a challenging competitor to the 2019 Mercedes A-class just revealed in Amsterdam this spring.

Audi TT

Photo by Jules Stayton

The TT I drove on the closed course at the Autobahn CC just outside Chicago,  was an ultra-responsive speed machine that fulfilled the needs of the track at hand.  Littered with cones, the race was against the clock and the car’s capabilities to maneuver the staccato course before me.  Dismissing the brake and managing the surge of power revealed where  skill unfolded.  Of the ten participants, I managed to be in the top three…another great place to be.

Audi TT front

Photo by Jules Stayton

Audi TT fuel

Photo by Jules Stayton

Audi TT rear

Photo by Jules Stayton

The track, highway or open road is your oyster and can be directed by one of four driving modes:  comfort, auto, dynamic or individual.  Manual transmissions provide an even more personalized experience. MacPherson struts and an aluminum sub-frame paired with a four-link rear suspension equal a lighter and balanced drive.

All the bells and whistles you can imagine are available via Audi’s MMI® (Multi Media Interface).  The Audi Virtual cockpit’s digital instrument cluster displays squarely in front of the driver via a 12.3 inch high-resolution screen.

Audi TT RS interior

Photo by Jules Stayton

24 hours of Le Mans isn’t a race most of us will ever experience either in-person or on television but you can have a taste of Le Mans through the Audi TT and it’s TFSI® engine right out of your driveway…drift away with the sounds of performance…it will be music  to your ears.

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