Find Mid-Winter Solace at the Chicago Auto Show 2018

Winter in the Midwest brings its own set of rules.  Must warm up the car. Must shovel the snow. Must salt the sidewalk.  Must wear layers upon layers of clothing to survive outside.  Must make-up snow days.  Well…add to that…Must have some indoor fun!

The perfect venue is coming up in less than two weeks.  The Chicago Auto Show 2018 is gearing up to be the mid-winter event everyone will be attending.  Other shows have “warmed-up” consumers for the nation’s largest auto show that has been entertaining and informing attendees for over 100 years.

36 manufacturers and over 1000 vehicles are making their way towards McCormick Place, the Chicago Auto Show’s longtime home, as we speak.  Get ready for over-the-top displays, drive experiences, and social media blitzing February 10-19, 2018. is a premier partner and will power BUZZHUB which is a 21ft wall of social media genius that will track trends on Twitter, provide photo opportunities with the show’s hashtag #CAS18 and enlarged Instagram frame.  It will feature live radio broadcasts and voting kiosks for “Best in Show”.  (NOTE:  If you don’t know anything about what I’ve said in this paragraph, just find a teenager, they’ll explain it.  Bring them to the show!)

Attachment-1 (1)
Photo courtesy of The Chicago Auto Show

Plan on spending some time at the show.  Don’t rush.  Spend the day(s) enjoying all the things that transportation and technology have to offer.  You’ll be surprised every time.

Take it from a longtime attendee and now a media member…its an experience you won’t forget…and you don’t have to wear a coat or shovel snow while you’re there!

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