Thankfulness is Universal

Dawn breaks on another Thursday in November.  The sun creeps above the horizon to light up the sky with a pink hue reserved for the cheeks of children on a cold winter’s day.

Thanksgiving, the very American tradition, isn’t celebrated on a certain day all over the world.  I think of my Australian cousins who realize its Thanksgiving for many of their family members, but not necessarily in their neck of the outback.

As I reflect on this Thanksgiving Day, I realize that thankfulness is universal.  It is an emotion felt by all every day, if we’re lucky.  It emanates from grateful hearts.

Whether we have much or little in life, we can be thankful for it.  Wanting more will always dominate in society, but being grateful for what we have is the way to live each day to the fullest. Tomorrow will come, today is in hand, make the most of it.

I thank you, my readers, for being loyal.  Starting JulesOnWheelz almost three years ago was a leap of faith that I wasn’t sure would turn into anything at all, but I knew there were others out there that loved cars and the people who drive them, just like me.

We have found each other over these three years and I am thankful for that.  My hope is that we can add more to our ranks and you are the way to do that.

So, tell those relatives sitting next to you at the table today about that lady from Kentucky who tells tall tales and reviews all things autos.  Encourage them to add JulesOnWheelz to their social media accounts and listening experiences.

May we all celebrate thankfulness today and every day all over the world, not just at our own dinner table one day a year.



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