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Stories, everyone has one to tell.  Oral history has been the gateway to information about the past, and now we have the convenience of recording those stories over many mediums.  One such medium that I’ve been using is the Apple iOS App Chirp.

Being a writer, of course I love the written word.  That special way words are strung together can identify the author much like a voice can.  Styles of writing and subject matter lead the reader to places they’ve never been.  Podcasts take the listener to a very similar place where creating a world based on both the voice of the author and what they are conveying.

Voices carry a greater impact in my opinion.  Hearing an author, to me, is a more personal relationship.  Hearing their inflection, accent, and breathing patterns in a podcast make it real.  You can imagine sitting in a room with the author.  The author can share the ride to work with you via new car technology like Apple CarPlay.

Available in the App Store on any Apple iOS device, Chirp records a three minute podcast in a vibrant community of authors.  Downloading and making a Chirp account doesn’t mean you have to record, you can just be a listener.  Adding photos give potential listeners clues to subject matter, if included, and following certain authors is easy to do.

Click here if you would like more information on Chirp.  Download the Chirp on your Apple device from the App Store.

Below I’ve included links to a few blog posts I’ve recorded.  You don’t need to download the App to listen to these, but my hope is that you will download it and follow “JulesOnWheelz” so you can hear all of them.

You’ll be notified as I record new podcasts.

Chirp is just another way for me to communicate my love of cars with you in a more personal way.  Join thousands of listeners who have already heard my stories on Chirp.

Thanks for following JulesOnWheelz!

Samples of my stories on the Chirp App below:

Mustang 5.0 –

Mopar Madness @SEMA 2018 –

Dave Kindig, Kevv Dogg and Dreams: an Adventure on Woodward Avenue –

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