Remembering D-Day In Cars

He was there. The day after young Americans traded in fear for fortitude, he was there. “He” was my father and the “there” were the beaches of Normandy the day after D-Day. He was a medic and I can’t imagine what he found.  75 years later some of those same soldiers returned.  A grateful Europe welcomed the living back, honored their sacrifice and remembered those who gave their everything, their life, for freedom.

My father served four proud years in the Army from 1941-1945. I’m not surprised they call them the “greatest generation”, he sure was to me.  My Dad would have turned 100 on June 4th. I love him and miss him every day.

Soon to have an active military member in my immediate family,  I respect him for choosing to serve his country.  Freedom isn’t free.

Kentucky’s western gem, Paducah, honored veterans through The River Tin Street Rods Riverfront Rod Run Charity Car Show.  Charting it’s 41st year, June 1st became a hot rod parking lot along Paducah’s bedazzled flood wall.  Volunteers, sponsors and car cravers parked themselves in our quaint little town.

Riverfront Rod Run Route 66 sales

(Check out some of my other posts to see the beautiful, historical artwork proudly displayed on the flood wall in Paducah, and are worth a look!)

Support for the event came through sponsors O’Reilly, Chase Motorsports, Auto Salvage of Paducah, AutoZone, W.A. Davis Construction, Advance Custom Automotive, and Johnstone Supply.  Don Davis spun the tunes of yesteryear to the delight of passersby.  Some had come for the Downtown Farmers Market and stayed for the show.


Paducah Farmers Market

Entrances were manned by none other than the Disabled American Veterans of Paducah, the benefactors of the charity event.  Ticket sales and hand stamping flourished as the beauties were lined up.  Hot rods and classics alike stood shoulder to shoulder in the bright sunshine.  Even a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger signed by Carroll Shelby himself was in attendance.

A stunning 1967 Chevelle SS caught my eye looking luscious in black on black.

1967 Chevelle SS info board

1967 Chevy Chevelle SS interior

1967 Chevy Chevelle SS engine

Not to go unnoticed, 2018 Keeneland Concours d’Elegance participant Bob Voigtmann brought his Dreamsicle Ford Skyliner!

You just never know who you’ll meet at a car show.

1959 Ford Skyliner interior

1959 Ford Skyliner info board

1959 Ford Skyliner retractable top

Volunteers are the bread and butter of any charity event and the Riverfront Rod Run was no exception.  I’ve got my shirt!

What a great design on both the shirt and that famous Paducah flood wall just over their shoulders.


Whether you’re into cars or not I think we can all agree that charity events are worth it. Adding cars to the sun drenched riverfront made my Farmers Market trip sublime on a Saturday in June.

Hot Rods

Remember, freedom isn’t free.  Thank a Vet or an active military person for their service today.

They make it all possible and changed the direction of the world on a Tuesday in June, 194

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