JOWz – A Year In Review

Looking back can propel one forward. Many decry looking back on the past, for we can’t change it. What if we don’t want to?

2018 bloomed with so many great opportunities I just had to share some of my favorites with you again…as a GOOD look at the past year.

It all started with the highly anticipated Chicago Auto Show.  February in Chicago was glorious. Yes, you heard me right.  So many cars so little time.  Press days were filled with hope and optimism as manufacturers revealed their prized possessions.  Rubbing elbows with fellow journalists, easily topped my list of “favorites” from 2018.

Dr. Seuss penned a book called “Oh, The Places We’ll Go”. It’s a favorite of the jet set and third graders alike. “Going places” is in my blood. Up the ladder or across the country, sign me up. Vaughn Gittin, Jr. subscribes to the title “Professional Fun Haver”.  I’m with him!

Jules and professional drift expert and “Fun Haver” Vaughn Gittin, Jr. 



Jules and “Bullitt” Mustang owner Sean Kiernan @ Woodward Dream Cruise
Jules accepting Automotive Heritage Journalism award at The Concours d’Elegance of America


Jules has tripped the light fantastic from Michigan to Las Vegas. Awards ceremony, Woodward Dream Cruise or SEMA Show, I was there and a bunch of places in-between.

The home of Superman in a Chrysler Pacifica was a hit with you.  The award-winning family vehicle was “Super” and admired by many as it cruised the roads of southern Illinois.

Chrysler Pacifica in Metropolis, IL


Jules with Superman aka Heroes for Kids 


My love of driving crossed with press cars from manufacturers so I can give YOU, my loyal followers, a firsthand experience. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most…helping people be fully informed about one of the most important purchases they make.  Can’t wait to see what I’m able to review for you in 2019!


2018 was filled with thrills and travel, new people and places.  If I have to choose what I’ve treasured the most this year about being an automotive journalist, I’d have to say the people.

Gail, Jules and Tom close up
Jules with Gail and Tom Wise, original owner of the first retail Mustang sold in 1964

I find automobile enthusiasts to be kind, enthusiastic, passionate, loyal, vibrant, happy and true to themselves and the people and autos they love.  The osmosis of these traits at each event or meet-up makes me happy to be in the car business.

Car people take the time to get to know you and why you love something or someone.  They are good listeners and great sounding boards for your crazy ideas that turn dreams into reality.

Thank you 2018.  I look back on you with fond memories and fuel, for the future friends and autos that will cross my path in 2019.  Propel me…I’m ready for the ride.

*Note:  “JOWz” seen in the title of this post is an acronym for JulesOnWheelz.


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