Honor Your Mother

Mothers are special. They know you better than you know yourself. They never give up, never give in, they are everywhere, just like Visa.

One mother that is still alive and kicking is known by a number as well. No it’s not 007, but just as stealthy, 66.

Celebrations line the way from Chicago to LA every year and The Mother Road Festival in Springfield, IL marked its 17th Anniversary with some quality time this past weekend.

Flatlanders (Illinoisans  i.e. ill-eh-noi-ans) revel in the fact that they are the beginning, the alpha, the origin of many great things and there couldn’t be bigger bragging rights than Route 66.

Weaving its way across America our nation’s darling welcomes everyone from all walks of life to enjoy a Cozy Dog and share a car story or two.


May I just say…the Dogs are awesome! A quick U-turn positioned me for the first deep-fried wonder I’ve seen since the school cafeteria. Snuggled in its sweet exterior and perfectly crisp, that Dog is as popular as ever.

I paired mine with a tasty Route 66 black cherry soda and a side of fries. I felt like a kid again. Isn’t that what Route 66 does for everyone?

Nostalgia thrives along The Mother Road…

Also thriving were the many enthusiasts who came to show cars or stroll amongst the cars scattered at the footsteps of the capitol building.

Abe’s hometown gave fest-goers perfect weather. Sunny and 60s were a welcome change from the hot and humid 90s that most of the region had experienced this summer. Fall was in the air.

Mustang mania continued. You’d think I would be tired of seeing so many at the Woodward Dream Cruise just a month ago, but just as every mother is different so is every Mustang.

This one was even ready for Halloween!

Memories of riding in my uncle’s Road Runner so many years ago was refreshed through the comical way one was displayed…the other sparkled like a diamond in the sky.

Young and old were happy to see Smoky and the Bandit…Sally and Burt look so young! The Trans-Am isn’t bad either…

Sensible shoes and sunscreen did not overshadow the fact that these cars were cool. All had a story and speculation about that story fueled the minds of all in attendance.

Flashing back to a bygone era happens in one fail swoop for strolling admirers like me, I think that’s why so many shows continue. It’s about the cars AND the culture that brings all kinds of people together from all walks of life around a common interest.

From trucks to station wagons, all the bases were covered.

Thanks for the memories Springfield.

I think Marge Simpson would be proud…

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