Dreams Fulfilled – The Magic of Woodward

Anticipation, anticipation is makin’ me late, is keepin’ me waitin'”. Carly Simon sure could turn a phrase. Written in only 15 minutes as she waited for her date with Cat Stevens, it became a hit in no time.

Will that red dot appear on the green word cloud anytime soon? Will it be from whom I think? (That’s receiving a text for those of you who have resisted technology and it’s advances.)

Will Mom’s chicken and dumplings taste as good as I remember? I hope so.

That ice cream will sure taste good…I hear the truck coming!


Waiting and wondering what’s next…we do it every day. Some dwell too long and waste the present. Others take the opportunity to expand their mind and contemplate what might be…sometimes called daydreaming.

Speaking of daydreaming…”Daydream Believer” was a popular song by the Monkees.  Their replica car made an appearance at Woodward along with the Batmobile and Kit from David Hasselhoff’s “Knight Rider” television hit.  Watch it here via my YouTube channel, JulesOnWheelz.

Anticipation and daydreaming isn’t just for the young.  Evidence of this was ever present at the 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise.  Young and old alike camped out and tailgated on Woodward from Nine Mile to Fourteen Mile or so, seeing things they anxiously anticipated and only dreamed of.




From two wheels with bells to four wheels with sirens, they were all there.

With this being the final post in my five part series about the happenings at Woodward this year, I’m sure you’ve gleaned the fact that Ford had a big presence.  The flagship Mustang Bullitt both old and new served as focal points, The Woodward Dream Cruise was a perfect showcase for their surviving production car of the future.  Sponsorship comes with privileges and a worldwide stage worth the investment.

Other sponsors and partners included DriveShare by Hagerty, Quron, Renewal by Andersen, RideSmart, Havenwyck Hospital, Huntington, UAW, and Gateway Classic Cars.

The 20th Anniversary of Mustang Alley on Nine Mile was over the top.  Between the 1300 Mustangs that showed up with their owners, plus the Cobra Jet, Bullitt, Ford GT, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Mustang and everything in-between I HAD to buy a souvenir t-shirt to re-live the celebration for years to come.  Eye candy everywhere…

Ford badge close up

Ford badge in the clouds
2019 Bullitt Mustang
Cobra Jet engine
Cobra Jet Mustang 50th Anniversary 
Cobra Jet 50th Anniversary logo
Cobra Jet Mustang engine emblem
Ford GT
Ford GT
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series 2019 Mustang
NASCAR Mustang-joins the Monster Energy Series in 2019

Touring the Bullitt parade corral was epic.  Generations…they were all there…led by Sean Kiernan owner of the original 1968 Bullitt Mustang from the movie made famous by Steve McQueen.

Bullitt parade lineup

9000 mile 2001 Bullitt

Bullitt parade lineup 2

Bullitt parade lineup rears

Front to back each car held value for the owner that brought it.  The first chat I had with an apparent owner shining up their ride, turned out to be a detailer from my town of Paducah, KY that had driven up with some other enthusiasts to show off their wares.

Small world.

This King Cobra caught my eye…from the Mustang Club of Mid-Michigan.

Eye catching Cobra 3

Eye catching Cobra 2

Eye catching Cobra

Once again, The Woodward Dream Cruise quenched the anticipation of all those in attendance and made daydreaming a luxury fulfilled.

Never knew a “ROAD CLOSED” sign could make that happen…

That’s the Magic of Woodward.

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