Track Time – Summer Sizzle

Ah summer.  A time to kick back and enjoy the beautiful weather and activities that we reserve for warmer temperatures.  The winter doldrums are over and the fun begins.

The list for any car enthusiast’s summer schedule includes some much-needed track time.  I must admit that my track affair is a highlight of the season and might just be for you as well.

Anticipation of the event rides high.  A little nervousness and the need for speed overwhelms at times.  Butterflies, excitement and thrill all rolled into one make the track experience epic.

Sunshine Shelby

Most tracks give options of cars driven and time spent.  Making that choice is arduous, as driving ALL of them ranks high on my list.  I determine the Corvette, a GM icon, will be my ride.  I have driven multiple Corvette models, this will make a great addition to my roster.Jules helmet adjust

Safety first rules the roost as I am fitted for my helmet.  Snug but comfortable.  My heart races as my summertime dream is fulfilled.

Making the decision to drive on a track is not a lighthearted one.  Waivers are signed and promises given by both driver and track.  Courage brings elation.

Information is power and I prepare for instruction on making this track’s experience the best it can be.  I happen to be the solo participant today.  It’s early in the day and HOT on the track already…I’m glad to be privately tutored for a more personalized adventure.

track outline

Driving the track is a bit different from driving the normal highways and byways of life.  Care must be given to maneuver my Corvette around the curves and hit the straightaway perfectly for the chest-pumping experience I came for.

Moving away from all the other beautiful autos in the pit gleans a feeling of envy and thought of the “next time” before I’ve even completed THIS run…nobody is perfect.

Track experience cars are equipped with controls for the instructor in the passenger seat.  Trevor is my companion and we hit-it-off immediately.  A few reminders that make the track unique and we’re off!

Focus and caution rule the first few laps. Cones assist with identifying brake zones and Trevor schooling me is a welcome supplement.  He instructs and encourages me to “hit it” on the straightaway and that “he’s got it”.  A bit of assurance breaks out the lead foot I’ve always had and the glorious speed I’ve counted on is delivered.

We round the curves again and again to hone lap times and increase straightaway speed goals.  I finish with a high of 120 mph on the last lap and I’m thrilled.  This passion of mine is a wonderful reality today. It was worth the cross-country trek to take another high performance rocket for a spin.


Summer brings excitement, exhilaration, and memories to last a lifetime.  Adding to that file by taking to the track is one of the sweetest entries of all.  Don’t be shy, you never know until you try.




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